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Cotheeka Trading Agency works with direct manufacturers to ensure maximum quality of products and lowest possible price. Because of extensive experience of technical know how and expertise on different products Cotheeka can provide the best quality products at minimum cost. With its own experts and direct source made the company unbeatable regarding quality & price. Following are some typical items that Cotheeka Trading Agency deals. Check also Excess Inventories/Stock-lots for some attractive offers.


Cotheeka Trading Agency is well known for its art-enthusiasm that also reflects at its collection of handicrafts which are offered to its similar minded clients. Handicrafts made of Bamboo to Metal Crafts represented by Cotheeka are highly praised by its regular customers because of high finishing and fast delivery. Click here to view some Handicraft Products.

Garment Products::

Bangladesh produces comparatively higher quality garments and apparel products in Asia. Variety of Garment Products ranging from T-shirts, PQ Polo Sports T-shirts, Jeans, Sweaters and other apparel items are offered by Cotheeka Trading Agency at very attractive prices. OEM orders can be procured for all kinds of apparel products. Short Sale apparel items (Stock-lot/Excess Inventories) are sometimes available at Cotheeka's stock. Please, visit our web site often to find such offers or write us if you like to be notified on each offer! Click here to view some popular Garment Products that we offer.

Leather & Leather Goods::

Bangladesh produces the finest quality Genuine Leather in the world at excellent prices and well known for its high quality craftsmanship on leather goods all over the world. So it's very easy for Cotheeka Trading Agency to ensure the best quality leather products at very attractive prices. Crust Leather, Finished Leather, Leather Jackets, Wallets, Purses, Bags, Belts, Shoes, Sandals made of original leather can be provided at maximum quality. Click here to view some samples of original leather products.

Jute Products::

Jute is called Golden Fiber of Bangladesh all over the world. 90% of world's total jute production is harvested in Bangladesh. There is no country in the world that can even reach near to the Quality of Jute produced in Bangladesh. So it's natural that Cotheeka Trading Agency would be proud to offer various Jute Products at unbeatable quality & price. Jute Yarn, Cloths, Bags, Wallets, Purses, Mats, Rugs, Carpets, Decoration Pieces, Gifts & Crafts, Sacks, Hessian Cloths, Burlap Bags, Ropes/Twine etc. made of high quality Jute are offered by Cotheeka exclusively. Since jute is very much environment or eco friendly, products made of jute are becoming the most popular home appliance around the world for everyday use. Click here to view some Jute Handicrafts that we offer. Visit the official web site of Cotheeka Jute Industry if you are interested for Raw Jute, Jute Yarn, Ropes/Twine, Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC/CBS), Sacks, Bags, Hessian/Burlap Cloths, Jute Sole Sandals/Slippers/Espadrilles etc.

Audio CD::

Cotheeka is distributing high quality Audio CDs around the world through its sister concern Cotheeka Music. Only world-class artists' works are represented by us. The historical album Tunes Of Heaven is released for the world market.

Animal/Poultry Feed::

Dairy & Poultry are the emerging industry in Bangladesh. So demand for animal and poultry feed and its ingredients are increasing day by day. To serve this rising industry Cotheeka Trading Agency offers complete high nutrition dairy/poultry feed as well as various feed ingredients like Fishmeal, Meat & Bone Meal, Bloodmeal, Feathermeal, Di Calcium Phosphate (D.C.P.), Rice Bran, Soymeal, Rapeseed Meal etc. Cotheeka Trading Agency is also the exclusive supplier of Super Protein in Bangladesh which is an organic Protein, Vitamin & Selenium supplement for animals/birds.



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